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Isalnita Powerplant – FGD unit scaffolding

Together with Huennebeck Romania we provided the scaffolding for the Isalnita coal power plant new flue gas desulphurization project, erecting scaffolding up to 125 m in height, on the absorbers, stacks and supporting steel structure.

We also provided the internal scaffolding for blasting and rubber lining of the absorbers and the FG Ducts. Where scaffolding was hard to erect, temporary lifeline systems were setup, for the safety of the workers that used the beams of the support structure as walking path.

The project lasted about 2 years and me manage to finish in due time. This was the first project of this type, opening the door to the coal power industry. Folowing this project we started working also in other powerplants like Paroseni, Craiova II and Turceni.

The works were executed together with our partner Huennebeck for Romelectro and Energomontaj.