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Passive fire protection with intumescent coatings

Passive fire protection with intumescent coatings

AlpAccess is authorised as a passive fire protection applicator company by the General Emergency Situation Inspectorate of Romania with certificate #1622. We are also an authorised Chartek applicator and members of ASFP – Association for specialist fire protection.

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Thermal protection, ST Lube-oil - CCPP Brazi

Thermal protection, ST Lube-oil - CCPP Brazi

  • Thickness calculations
  • Surface preparation
  • Primer application
  • Intumescent coatings application
  • Protective topcoat application

There are several types of fire protection, or thermal protection, and these may be active or passive:
» Active protections are systems installed to prevent and extinguish fires (e.g.: sprinkler system).
» Passive protections are the systems that isolate the structures and protect them for a period of time against the effects of fires. In turn, they are of two kinds: cast concrete and intumescent coatings.
We offer services regarding fire protection with intumescent coatings.

1 Fire protection with intumescent coatings

  • Cellulosic Fire PFP
  • Hydrocarbon pool fire PFP
  • Hydrocarbon Jet fire PFP
  • Explosion resistant PFP
  • Cryogenic spill jet fire PFP

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Passive Fire protection, Lukoil

Fire protection, Lukoil

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • ASFP Logo

    ASFP Member: Association for Specialist Fire Protection.

  • ISO Logo

    Integrated Management System for Occupational Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality.

  • NACE Logo

    NACE Member: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

  • FROSIO Logo

    FROSIO Member: The Norway Council which prepares and certifies inspectors on anticorrosion treatments.

  • SSPC Logo

    SSPC Member: The Society for Protective Coatings.

Chartek Logo

From 2013 we have became an authorized applicator for Chartek products provided by Akzo Nobel. Chartek 1709, Chartek 7 and Chartek 8 are dedicated products for normal or jet hydrocarbon fire.

Our personnel is trained and certified to apply these thermo-protection products. We own equipment for mechanized application of Chartek products (Chartek paints are 100% solid paints and can only be applied with specialized equipment).

Fire protection products are chosen based on the mass factor (cross section factor) of the profiles that make up the metal structure and depending on the fire protection scenario (critical temperature, exposure time, type of fire).

Special attention! The hydrocarbon fire is very different from cellulosic fire. Therefore, different products and different thicknesses coatings are used for this type of fire (for example, for hydrocarbon fire, a 20 mm thick coating is not an accident).

Rope access professionals - thermal protection - Brazi

Rope access professionals - thermal protection - Brazi