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Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbines Maintenance

Onshore & Offshore Wind Turbines Maintenance

Wind turbine services for offshore and onshore wind turbines, conducted safely with IRATA certified rope access technicians, in teams of minimum 3 persons ensuring fast access at lower costs, compared with other access methods.

Wind Turbine Maintenance

Our teams work fast, maintaining at a minimum the period of time in which the turbine is stopped. In Dobrogea, we can intervene from our base camp established in Navodari, Constanta.

The properly supervised rope access team is also capable of conducting rescues with their own equipment not using the turbine’s emergency descender.

Until present, we have provided wind turbines services in many locations, like: Tulcea, Cogealac, Oravita, Horia (Harsova), Ramnicu Sarat, for our clients Nordex Energy, General Electric Power and Energy, Gestamp Renewables International, Hydro Wind Power, Wind Power Energy, Monsson and many others.

Offshore onshore wind turbines services

Wind turbines maintenance, Cogealac

Onshore wind turbines maintenance
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All our technicians from the onshore wind turbines department are trained and certified in accordance with GWO Standards.

Offshore wind turbines maintenance
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The offshore wind turbines services are provided by professionals which are certified by IRATA and GWO, and also by BOSIET, in accordance with OPITO standards.

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • SPRAT Logo

    SPRAT Member: Society for Professional Rope Access Technicians.

  • IRATA Logo

    IRATA Member: Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations.

  • ISO Logo

    Integrated Management System for Occupational Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality.

Wind Turbines Maintenance Services

1 EVACUATOR: Life Saving System

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AlpAccess is an authorized installer for EVACUATOR rescue system.

EVACUATOR is shortening the evacuation time from the wind turbine, in case of accidents or fire.

2 Blade Inspections and Repairs

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AlpAccess is an authorized applicator for Alexit Blade reparations. During their lifetime of almost 20 years, the blades have to bear huge loads that can lead to their damage. AlpAccess performs inspections and repairs to wind turbine blades with epoxy or polyester resins and also, with fiber glass or carbon fibre.

Laser Alignment
Analysis of Vibration

3 Laser Alignment and Measurement / Analysis of Vibration

The wind turbines capacity and optimal operation are conditioned by the precise tuning of the components. Our teams perform vibration measurement and analysis with short times and excellent results using laser alignment equipment of the highest quality.

4 Thermographic Analysis during Maintenance

To prevent components damage, we check how they operate under normal thermal conditions using the thermographic cameras.

Thermographic Analysis

Turbine Oil Analysis

5 Turbine Oil Analysis

We assure oil sampling and lubricants analysis services in order to avoid unexpected failures and extend the life service of your equipment. By providing complex interpretations and diagnosis reports, we can recommend professional solutions on how to protect the equipment and information on the replacement period of the oil.


Kit – lubricant and equipment diagnosis

  • Wear elements
  • Additives
  • Contaminants
  • Oxidation
  • Water content (ppm)

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Kit 1 - oil and equipment diagnosis

  • Kinematic viscosity 40°C
  • Water content (ppm)
  • TAN
  • Oxidation
  • Wear elements
  • Additives
  • Contaminants

Kit 2 - oil and equipment diagnosis

  • Kinematic viscosity 40°C
  • Kinematic viscosity 100°C
  • Viscosity Index (VI)
  • Water content (ppm)
  • TAN
  • Oxidation
  • Contaminant particle content (> 4 μm; > 6 μm; > 14 μm). Purity class ISO 4406
  • Wear elements, additives, contaminants

Tightening the bolts
Bolts tightening verification

6 Tightening the bolts and bolts tightening verification

We use hydraulic bolt tightening equipment when we operate. Our equipment can be used for any type of wind turbine. Tightening the bolts at the moment of operations is verified both in a dynamic manner and by using ultrasonic measuring equipment.

7 Inspections using Drones


We use drones for quick inspections on the blades and for inspecting the exterior of the wind turbines. Using Site Scan system provided by 3D - Robotics, our drones can easily reach hardly accessible areas where they deliver real-time high quality images. Our pilots, former military pilots of combat aircraft (MIGs) and helicopters, with hundreds of flight hours, ensure safe flight of drones and obtaining high definition images.

Inspections using drones

Wind turbines maintenance, Cogealac

Wind turbines maintenance, Cogealac

8 Post – warranty wind turbine services

  • Blade repairs
  • Blade tip – lightning damage repairs
  • Ice removal
  • Blade cleaning
  • Bolt torquing
  • Earthing test
  • Earthing system repairs
  • Inspections
  • Stall strips installation
  • Testing/replacing of hydraulic cylinders
  • Testing/replacing of alignment systems
  • Command system repairs
  • Interior inspections of blades and hub
  • Painting
  • Aviation lighting and painting
  • Dust removal
  • Errection assistance
  • Wind towers repairs
  • Sensors installation
  • Paint inspections with frosio/nace certified inspectors
  • Emergency descender re-certification tractel derope and skylotec milan
  • Ladders and lifelines systems re-certification (Haca, Tractel and Skylotec ladders), (Latchways vertical lifelines)
  • Oxifree bolt protection
  • Kemperol waterpoofing solutions for joints and foundations
  • Evacuator escape system installation

9 Warranty period wind turbine services

  • External and internal inspections
  • Blade inspections
  • Paint inspections with frosio/nace certified inspectors
  • Ice removal
  • Blade cleaning
  • Painting works
  • Ladders and lifelines systems re-certification (Haca, Tractel and Skylotec ladders), (Latchways vertical lifelines)
  • Emergency descender re-certification Tractel derope and Skylotec milan
Wind turbines maintenance, Valea Nucarilor

Wind turbines maintenance, Valea Nucarilor

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AlpAccess is the Romanian Partner of Harken Industrial offering the winches and lifting equipment needed in advanced anchoring systems of rope access used in repairing and maintaining wind turbines.