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Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps

We offer mechanical repair services using metal clamps. We safely implement fast and optimal technical solutions.

Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps

With the help of mechanical repairs, we can quickly intervene on leaking lines without having to stop production.

  • Engineered solutions for every flaw, according to applicable design rules
  • Smaller product losses due to reduced intervention time
  • Fast and durable method with high quality standards
  • Economic solution, as there are no interruption in the technological flow
  • Certified technicians and specialized equipment
  • Collaboration with renowned suppliers with over 50 years of experience in the field
  • The materials we use comply with applicable European and International standards

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Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps

AlpAccess: Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps

Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps

Mechanical Repair Services using Metal Clamps: Detail

The pipe sealing process involves designing a special clamp for the geometry in the flaw area; preliminary sealing is carried out mechanically, and after injection of the sealing compound the leak is stopped permanently.

  • Design / computer assisted design
  • Complete, complex and innovative high-quality solutions
  • Consulting services, drafting, analysis and experimental testing
  • We are specialized in strict codes for the design of the pressure vessel: ASME VIII, Division 1
  • The designed systems allow pipelines to operate at full capacity, without affecting the production flow, nor damaging the equipment
  • Mechanical clamps manufactured in accordance with the European and International standards
  • The range of parameters for which these repairs can be made: -180°C to +700°C and pressures up to 235 bar

Due to the reduction of the intervention time (starting from the identification of the defect to the completion of the repair) the environmental impact is reduced to acceptable values.

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