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PosiTector CMM IS

Concrete Moisture (Relative Humidity) Instrument to be used in-Situ

  • PosiTector CMM IS (concrete moisture meter in-situ) probes and free mobile app guide users through the ASTM F2170 documentation criteria.
  • The readings can be viewed and recorded wirelessly using your Android or Apple smart phone or the PosiTector DPM Advanced device.


  • Relative humidity (RH) and temperature in concrete floor slabs can be measured and reported in conformance with ASTM F2170.
  • Completely reusable Smart Probes with included Calibration Check Chambers for optimal storage climate and faster acclimatization.
  • Probes are powered on for up to 3 weeks and transmit wirelessly via Bluetooth while in situ. There is no need to open the hole or remove the cap.
  • No consumables are necessary. ASTM F2170 installation process is simplified by the combined sleeve and probe design.
  • The precision sensors provide fast and accurate responses; the readings can be repeated.
  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to NIST included (Long Form).


PosiTector CMM IS Concrete Moisture Meter - In Situ

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