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Industrial Scaffolding Erection

We provide multidirectional scaffolding erection services since 2010.
We are the exclusive scaffolding erection company in Romania for Hünnebeck (Ex. Harsco Infrastructure). Harsco Infrastructure, a major part of Harsco Corporation was merged in 2013 with Brand Infrastructure and Energy Services becoming one of the largest global players in the industrial services market.

Industrial Scaffolding Erection Services

1 Scaffolding Erection Services

  • CUPLOK® system scaffolding
  • Frame system
  • Mobile access towers
  • Mobile scaffolding
  • Suspended scaffolding
  • Safety netting
  • Scaffolding enclosures
  • Scaffolding inspections
  • Scaffolding rental

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Scaffolding, Midia

Scaffolding, Midia

Scaffolding Erection

Scaffolding Erection

Scaffolding, Isalnita Power Plant

Scaffolding, Isalnita Power Plant

2 Scaffolding Accessories

  • Mobile lifelines
  • Height access equipment
  • Shrink-wrap membranes
  • Protection nets
  • Suspension nets

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • ISO Logo

    Integrated Management System for Occupational Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality.

  • DROPS Logo

    DROPS Member: An industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropping objects.

  • ISFP Logo

    ISFP Member: The international society for fall protection.

  • SAIA Logo

    SAIA Member: Global organisation on scaffolding erection and other access methods.

CUPLOK® Scaffolding System, Description

CUPLOK® Scaffolding

CUPLOK® is a completely galvanised carbon steel scaffolding system, with various use for general access structures, support structures and formwork. CUPLOK® differentiates itself through its unique connecting knot, which allows up to four members in one connecting knot.


CUPLOK® is very well suited for a large variety of situations, including but not limited to facade scaffolding, circular scaffolding, platforms and access stairs & ladders. The system is often used for facade rehabilitation, support towers, access towers, but also in more specialised fields like ship building, oil & gas refining and the chemical industry.

Our range includes access towers, CUPLOK® staircase towers, mobile towers and loading / unloading platforms. Through the addition of new components and light materials, Huennebeck, continues to develop new applicabilities of the CUPLOK® system.

Progressive Floor Boards and Hand Rails

The CUPLOK® system is constantly evolving. Through the last innovations we can find the implementation of the progressive handrail system, which permits the creation of a safe work platform, for the erection of the next level – out of handrails and floor boards installed at the current level. Solid steel floor boards are available to increase the safety level on the scaffolding and around it.

Sistem CUPLOK®

CUPLOK® System

Scaffolding, Midia

Scaffolding, Midia

Layher Scaffolding System, Description

Layher Scaffolding

Layher systems and products are designed to solve real-world problems better than any other product found on the market, making the everyday work more safer, easier, efficient and more profitable. Design and manufactured in Germany, the Layher scaffolding systems are one of the most safest and reliable systems on the market.

Layher, a major global manufacturer of industrial scaffolding and an innovator on scaffolding technology, is setting new standards in scaffolding systems around the world. Layher is the world's largest manufacturer of modular scaffolding. Layher scaffolding products have developed to define the quality and the safety in the scaffolding industry.

Layher steel and aluminium scaffolding systems have been proven in a large number of construction sites around the globe, and offer safety, versatility and efficiency for a wide range of project types. Layher scaffolding are compatible with an extensive list of equipment and accessories and can be customized for any application.

Layher System

Layher System

Layher scaffolding

Layher Scaffolding

Hünnebeck Logo

We are the only installers of Hünnebeck systems in Romania (Ex Harsco Infrastructure) and we offer scaffolding erection services. Harsco Infrastructure, a major corporation of Harsco Corporation, merged in 2013 with Brand Infrastructure and Energy Services, becoming one of the largest in the global industrial market.