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Rope Access Services for Industry

Rope Access Services for Industry

AlpAccess is one of the most important companies in Romania which provides industrial rope access services. We offer industrial rope access services of the highest standards of safety. Industrial Rope Access is a fast and safe alternative access method.

Rope Access Industrial Services

Rope Access Services: Removing salt blocks at Slanic salt mine

Rope Access Services: Removing salt blocks at Slanic salt mine

Industrial Rope Access Painting pipes Pitesti

Painting pipes, Pitesti

Rope Access Lukoil CET2

Lukoil CET2

Rope access represents one of the core activities of our company.

Professional rope access services:

  • RATA Certified technician
  • RATA Level 3 supervision
  • Professional rescues
  • Specialized access
  • Certified equipment
  • Multidisciplinary teams

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We are members of IRATA – Industrial Rope Access Trade Association and of SPRAT – Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. Both IRATA and SPRAT are international organisations that are continuously developing standards and working procedures for rope access. Our technicians are certified and embrace working procedures which are safe and verified. Fulfilling these procedures ensure safety for rope access in any situation.

The AlpAccess team of rope access professionals is made of IRATA technicians of level 1, 2 and 3.

  • The rope access professionals in our company are trained and certified every three years.
  • The rope access equipment is verified every six months in accordance with IRATA procedures.
  • The rope access professionals experience is logged in continuously in their logbook.
Rope access professional on Scarabeo platform

Maintaining metal structures on Scarabeo 8 marine platform, Norway

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • SPRAT Logo

    SPRAT Member: Society for Professional Rope Access Technicians.

  • IRATA Logo

    IRATA Member: Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations.

  • DROPS Logo

    DROPS Member: An industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropping objects.

Rope Access Advantages

Fast Execution

The time necessary for starting working and for moving between objectives with rope access is considerably lower rather than the time used for scaffolding lifting and carrying between the same objectives.

Multiple Types of Projects

The rope access professionals can work in narrow spaces or where scaffolding lifting is merely impossible. Also, because of the nature of rope access, the team can provide professional services at any height.

Reduced Costs

With rope access the cost of accessing different areas is much lower compared with the costs of other alternatives access methods such are scaffolding lifting or using nacelles.

Work Safety

Rope access used in a correct manner, following IRATA standards with two ropes independently assured, it's a mean of access at heights more safer and faster than other traditional methods.

Harken Logo

AlpAccess is distributor for Harken Industrial products in Romania and an authorized installer of Harken Industrial rope access systems for buildings facades.