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Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

As an industrial services company working in the Oil&Gas and energy sectors we often operate in hostile and dangerous environments. To minimise the risks, we always put the safety of our people first.

Our goal is to eliminate accidents and injuries in all aspects of our activity. This is an ambitious enterprise, but we are confident we can succeed.

We have implemented and certified an OHSAS 18001 management system.

Our Commitment to Work Safety:

  • Carrying out a zero policy – zero risk, zero losses, zero accidents;
  • Promoting responsible usage of the natural resources needed in our activities;
  • Promotion of our HSE policy to ensure all our employees are aware of its meaning.

Work Safety



  • Our environmental strategy is structured around our commitment against climate change, power saving, the management of water, the responsible use of resources, the effective management of waste, pollution prevention and also environmental & biodiversity protection;
  • We understand the importance of protecting the environment and we’re committed to the operations with the lowest environmental impact;
  • Our aim is zero environmental incidents;
  • We have implemented and certified an ISO 14001 environmental management system.


  • We work to increase the value of our projects, without compromising quality and integrity;
  • We always strive to find the best quality-wise solutions, making quality a priority regardless of the project budget;
  • We have implemented and certified an ISO9001 Quality management system.


The main objective of AlpAccess is to identify and totally satisfy the needs and expectations of its Clients. The clients constitute the driving force of our activity. We structure our operations around the client specifications and we try to be suitable partners for each client.

To guarantee the quality and safety of our services, we optimise constantly the use of our resources through professionalism and team motivation.

TruQC Logo

AlpAccess has started in 2017 the implementation of the truQC reporting system as an effort to continuously improve the quality of the rendered services. The system speeds up the quality reporting and testing process making data collection easier than conventional paper and computer based systems.

Papertrail Logo

For Protection equipment management and periodic inspections, we use the Papertrail management system. Papertrail is a cloud-based system dedicated to the record of periodic inspections of protective equipment.