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Fall protection and lifeline systems

Fall protection and lifeline systems

We provide full range of services including engineering, setup and maintenance of permanent, temporary, rigid or flexible, horizontal or vertical lifeline protection systems. We are authorised partners for the Latchways fall protection products.

Full services of fall protection

Based on our rope access experience we provide a full range of services including engineering, setup and maintenance of the systems.

1 Fall protection and lifelines protection systems

  • Temporary and permanent lifeline systems
  • Vertical and horizontal lifeline systems
  • Rigid (rail) lifeline systems
  • ATEX certified lifeline systems
  • Airplane maintenance lifeline systems (Wingrip)
  • Inclined (bridge lifelines)
  • Roof lifelines
  • Roof anchors
  • Self standing anchors
  • Composite roof anchors
  • Beam anchors
  • Concrete hole temporary anchor
  • Window anchor
  • Rope Access anchors
Self retracting lifelines
  • Self retracting lifelines (SRL)
  • Sealed SRL
  • Offshore SRL
  • Self retracting lifelines ATEX
  • Self retracting lifelines used on horizontal plane
Safety nets
  • Safety nets in accordance with EN 1263-1 standard
  • Safety nets installation for personal support
  • Safety nets
  • Fall protection netting systems, for 1200 Jouli-resistant transparent roof elements - MR72 CRAM and TP-GIF / 1997
Ladders and Handrails
  • Stairs with system of anti-fall protection
  • General protection: railings and platforms
  • Stairs and folding railings
  • Stairs and handrails for loading ramps
Other Evacuation Systems
  • Personal rescue devices (PRD)
  • Building evacuation systems
  • Geronimo rig evacuation systems
  • Rigscape rig evacuation systems
  • Kemperol Fallstop skylight fall protection
  • Evacuator emergency evacuation system installation
Latchways System

Latchways system, installed on Metka site

Stair system, CCPP Brazi.

Latchways pillar, Michelin

Latchways pillar, Michelin

Lifeline, Michelin

Lifeline, Michelin

Latchways Pillar, Michelin Floresti

Latchways Pillar, Michelin Floresti

Vertical lifeline system, CCPP Brazi

Vertical lifeline system, CCPP Brazi

2 Inspections and service

  • Periodical inspection
  • Access procedures
  • Personnel training
  • System engineering
  • Rescue plans
  • PPE Supply

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • DROPS Logo

    DROPS Member: An industry-wide initiative focused on preventing dropping objects.

  • ISFP Logo

    ISFP Member: The international society for fall protection.

  • SAIA Logo

    SAIA Member: Global organisation on scaffolding erection and other access methods.

  • IRATA Logo

    IRATA Member: Industrial Rope Access Trade Associations.

  • SPRAT Logo

    SPRAT Member: Society for Professional Rope Access Technicians.

Our Partners

We are qualified by our extended coatings application and inspection experience to apply the Kemperol Fallstop, skylight protection system. The Fallstop system consists in a special clear coating applied to skylights that will protect the skylight from breaking in case a person falls on it, preventing the person to fall through.

Our partners for fall protection and lifeline systems:

  • 3M Logo
  • Tractel Logo
  • MSA Logo
  • Camp Technical Solutions Logo
  • HARKEN Logo
  • accen fall arrest Logo
  • rothoblaas Logo
  • rock exotica Logo
  • ISC Logo
  • gilmonte Logo
Safety nets installation | Lifeline | Isalnita

Safety nets installation | Lifeline | Isalnita

Fall protection systems Description

The widest spread cause of work related accidents is falls from height. A fall protection system prevents access in the dangerous area (if it’s a work restrain system) or minimises the consequences of a fall (in case of a fall arrest system).

The lifeline systems are such fall protection systems. The lifeline systems can be classified by:

  • By the type, they can be work restrain or fall protection system.
  • By the duration of use, they can be temporary or permanent lifeline systems.
  • The systems can be rigid with a slider on or inside a rail, or flexible with a slider running on a steel or stainless steel cable.
  • By their setup, they can be vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Our systems can be setup in a wide variety of configurations, practically following the outline of the building.

All our systems are suitable to be used in critical areas, e.g.: explosive atmospheres.

Any lifeline system provided by AlpAccess is certified in accordance with EN795:2012 standard.

Latchways Logo

AlpAccess is the Romanian partner of Latchways PLC, and we install the fall protection lifeline systems provided by Latchways.

Kemper System Logo

Kemperol Fallstop, skylight protection system
AlpAccess is an authorized installer for the skylight protection system, Kemperol Fallstop, from Kemper System.