Corporate Social Responsability

Despite our industrial nature, AlpAccess was born in the mountains, and for that we try as much as we can to help develop the mountain community and promote a healthy and environment-friendly way of life.

We involve or lead projects that little by little moves us closer to our goal and give back to the mountains that defined us.



Each year we are the main sponsor of the Ciucas X3 Trail running race. The competition takes place in the Ciucas Montains and includes three races: half marathon, marathon and 100km ultramarathon. The purpose of the race is promotion of sports and a healthy way of life and bringing tourists in the Ciucas mountains, one of Romania’s most beautiful and intriguing mountains.


A tree for a contract

There is an old Romanian saying that a man in his life has to plant a tree and build a house, the “house” we build is our company and now we have also the trees, that we’re hoping that in years will become a forest.

This project started as a response to massive deforestation that unfortunately takes place in Romania. So each year AlpAccess will plant one tree for each new contract helped by volunteers of different NGO’s.


Carpathian trails marking project

This project, gave us the opportunity to make use of the leftover paint, from our corrosion protection operations. By the means of this program we supply paint, consumables and PPE to NGO’s  and mountain rescue teams in Romania who organise trail marking activities. Safer trails mean more people in the mountains.


The Ciucas Mountaineering and Tourism Club

The goal of the Ciucas MTC is to promote the mountain related sports and activities and the Ciucas mountains area. AlpAccess is a supporter of the club’s activities and projects.


If you are interested in participating in one of our projects you can contact us at: [email protected]



" AlpAccess has proven constantly and assumed the will to offer professional and high quality solutions, according to international standards. Their capacity to solve high complexity problems in the field of corrosion protection and passive fire protection, fully recommends them.

Sorin Burtoi

Protective Coatings Business Manager Romania & Bulgaria - International Paint

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