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Uncoventional Repairs and Composite Repairs

Uncoventional Repairs and Composite Repairs

Since 2014 we provide unconventional repairs services for pipes, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, condensers etc. We can help you minimize the downtime of your plant by combining fast rope access methods with unconventional polymer repair and sealing solutions: polymers of the latest generation, reinforced with glass fiber, carbon or ceramic fiber.

Unconventional repairs, without facility's complete shutdown

1 Unconventional Repairs Services

  • Sealing and repairs of pipes, flanges, valves
  • Cold welding
  • Hoses repairs
  • Electrical conductors repairs
  • Conveyor belt repairs
  • Concrete repairs & sealing
  • Hydro-insulating membranes
  • Epoxy floors repairs
  • Tank sealing and repairs
  • Cooling tower repairs
  • Condenser and heat exchanger repairs
  • Heat exchanger tubular plate resurfacing
  • Thread repair
  • Cold galvanizing
  • Mechanical sealing

Until now, our team has successfully carried out repairs on operating under pressure pipelines at high temperatures (such are gas pipelines that operates at temperatures of almost 140° Celsius) or hydrogen sulphide pipelines, steam pipes, oil tankers.

BEFORE: Pipe repair using NRI polymers

BEFORE: Pipe repair using NRI polymers

AFTER: Pipe repair using NRI polymers

AFTER: Pipe repair using NRI polymers

BEFORE: Cracked pipe, Romiserv oil refinery

BEFORE: Cracked pipe, Romiserv oil refinerynarie

AFTER: Cracked pipe, Romiserv oil refinery

AFTER: Cracked pipe, Romiserv oil refinery

2 Complete repairing services

  • Inspections
  • Repairs engineering and design
  • Maintenance plan
  • Inspectable repairs
  • Hot apply

Our solutions can be used for a wide range of applications at different temperatures, for various working fluids including hydrocarbons and fuels.

International Organisations Membership & Certificates

  • ISO Logo

    Integrated Management System for Occupational Safety, Occupational Health, Environment and Quality.

  • FROSIO Logo

    FROSIO Member: The Norway Council which prepares and certifies inspectors on anticorrosion treatments.

  • SSPC Logo

    SSPC Member: The Society for Protective Coatings.

  • NACE Logo

    NACE Member: National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

Unconventional Repairs Services Description

When common repairs (e.g.: welding) are not possible for various reasons such are: an explosive atmosphere, operating facility that cannot be shutdown, we find unconventional repairs solutions using reinforced polymer resins.

Polymer-based solutions are easily applied after the surface has been properly prepared and, when dried, they reach mechanical properties close to those of the substrate.

BEFORE: Cracked pipe, Midia

BEFORE: Cracked pipe, Midia

AFTER: Cracked pipe, Midia

AFTER: Cracked pipe, Midia

HJ3 Logo

Alpaccess is an authorized applicator and distributor of HJ3 products in Romania.

For over 20 years, HJ3 has been the main supplier of composite structural rehabilitation systems for heavy industry and for large-scale commercial projects. HJ3 products extend the life of industrial or civil structures, providing long-term solutions and minimizing the impact on the environment.

All repair systems designed by HJ3 comply with the latest standards for non-metallic repairs, including: ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO 24817, DOT and API 653.