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Vertical lifeline: fall protection systems

Vertical lifeline

Vertical lifelines are lifelines systems that are mounted on vertical structures to ensure safe access to pillars, buildings, stairs.

The systems comply with EN 353-2.

The vertical lifeline system, ManSafe from Latchways, allows access and safe work at height on a wide variety of vertical structures, such as access stairs, pillars, wind turbines etc.

Vertical lifeline system

The slider used to connect the user to the system can be inserted or removed from the system at any point, giving the user complete freedom of movement, without any restrictions. This device passes freely through the intermediate anchors without the necessity to disconnect it from the system or to remove the cable from the guiding anchors; when passing those, it is introduced back into the system.

The system is equipped with a tension indicator and energy absorber.

The components of the vertical lifeline system are manufactured from stainless steel with a very good corrosion resistance.

A very simple design concept for the vertical lifeline system, ManSafe can be installed to follow the contour of the structure, thus increasing the safety of the working environment.

The efficiency of the LadderLatch slider ensures the safety of technicians, being constantly attached to the system and allowing both hands to climb onto structures. If a worker falls while connected to the system, the slider closes immediately, safely arresting the user.

In case of a fall, a worker connected to a vertical lifeline system presents a much lower risk of injury than with a traditional protective man cage system. While the cage protects the worker in case of a fall on the back, the cage itself is a risk of injury.

Among the benefits of the vertical lifeline system, we mention:

  • Can be installed to follow the contour of the structure;
  • Can be mounted when building new constructions or later;
  • The system is easy to use and non-invasive;
  • System operation is not affected by severe weather conditions or precipitation like snow or ice;
  • Can be installed and used in any environment;
  • Can be integrated into a complex lifeline system with vertical, inclined or horizontal sections;
  • Can be configured for a number up to four workers per line;
  • Does not require disconnection from the system;
  • Can be disconnected at any point;
  • Power absorbers protect anchor points in case of overhead;
  • It is a system easy to install and maintain;
  • It is a system complying with all the standards in force.