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How to extend the operating life of the pipelines

Unconventional pipe repairs

Have you ever thought of how to extend the operating life of a pipeline?

We have. We have also found the solution.

Unconventional repairs with composite materials.


For situations where conventional repairs (e.g.: welding) are not possible for various reasons such as an explosive atmosphere, operating facility that cannot be shut down, there are unconventional repair solutions using reinforced polymer resins. Polymer-based solutions are applied by specialized applicators after the surface has been properly prepared, they dry quickly and reach mechanical properties close to those of the base substrate.

Unconventional repairs can be an excellent option to extend the operating life of the equipment without interruption of operations. Only imagine yourself what costs, time and human resources could be involved in replacing a damaged equipment or a cracked pipe. At the present moment, the unconventional repairs are an increasingly sought-after option and are becoming the first choice. The use of composite repairs is continuously increasing, which will lead to innovation, emerging of advanced technologies and new industry regulations.

Unconventional repairs have started to be recognized by many organisations. This extends users' horizon in using composite materials in their maintenance programs and also, brings confidence that they are an industry approved option with documented history. Clearly, this does not mean that for all kind of repairs only composite materials will be considered, but it provides the framework for making a decision based on proper qualifications, testing and experience.

Which means that we have an efficient and effective solution at hand.