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SSPC Inspector in Romania - Painting Inspector

SSPC Painting Inspector

AlpAccess employs several SSPC, NACE and FROSIO inspectors of different levels. What is an SSPC inspector? You can find out below:

We provide inspection services with certified SSPC Level 3 inspectors in Romania and abroad.

SSPC inspector for painting quality control

To reach a high quality service on industrial coatings, we provide surface treatment inspectors, SSPC certified for quality control and to assess the quality of the industrial projects on anti-corrosion protection, painting and blasting.

What is SSPC?

SSPC LogoSSPC is the society for anti-corrosion protections. The goal of SSPC is to enhance technology and to promote the use of paints to protect structures, components and substrates at industrial, marine and commercial level.

The standard according to which the inspectors are trained and certified is SSPC's own standard for the PCI program - Protective Coatings Inspector.

SSPC objectives

  • To raise the level of quality in all aspects of anti-corrosion protection control;
  • Engage in formulating quality requirements, and developing education programs for the anti-corrosive protection inspectors and applicators.

Certification levels and validity

The SSPC certification system consist of three different levels:

  • SSPC Inspector candidate certificate Level I: No relevant experience required;
  • SSPC Inspector candidate certificate Level II: Minimum 2 years experience in the field;
  • SSPC Inspector candidate certificate Level III: Requires at least five years of relevant and documented inspection experience.

Certificates shall be valid for five years from the date of issue, and, after expiration of validity, the inspector have to send documents proving that he / she is still conducting inspection activities before re-issuing another valid certificate.

Requirements for certification:

  • Attending an 80-hour course provided by a training organization approved by SSPC;
  • Pass both theoretical and practical exams;
  • Document relevant experience and inspection experience.

Other equivalent certifications are FROSIO, NACE, Icorr, ACQPA.

SSPC is also involved in training the applicators. AlpAccess is an authorized training center for the SSPC TrainThePainter program. More details on our website