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Horizontal lifelines, fall protection systems

Horizontal lifeline system

Horizontal lifelines, multi-directional lifeline systems.

The horizontal lifeline systems installed by our company are EN 795: 2012 certified and are manufactured from 316 L type stainless steel, that provides them with very good corrosion resistance.

On request, we can provide galvanized systems or special application systems manufactured from duplex stainless steel or PVC coated duplex stainless steel.

Our anti-corrosion protection department has an extensive experience in the field, therefore, we can provide the optimal solution on corrosion.

The Latchways horizontal lifeline system can be mounted in multiple configurations, in the proximity of the user, or at the distance, above the head.

The system can be installed in multiple directions, using corner parts, or in case of several intersecting systems, the user can move freely from one system to another without disconnecting, using special devices that move freely in four directions.

Horizontal life line rope access professional ManSafe Latchways systems provide a complete solution for all fall protection applications and horizontal lifeline. System versatility and the ease of use make it ideal for protecting workers while they carry on daily tasks, such as maintenance, cleaning, access and inspections.

  • Systems can be designed for up to five users at a time;
  • Can be installed on almost any type of structure and roof;
  • Follow the contour of the building considering corners or slope areas inclined up or down;
  • Can be extended to include vertical sections;
  • The unique Latchways Transfastener slider allows workers to move through the entire system without disconnecting when pass the intermediate anchors;
  • It incorporates naturally the lifeline Constant Force post with energy absorber to provide one of the best protection in case of fall, easy handling and simplified installation;
  • Where Constant Force posts are not available, energy absorbers can be mounted in series to ensure the same degree of protection in case of a fall;
  • Lifeline systems are certified in accordance with all standards in force.


  • The installation of horizontal lifeline systems is carried out by Latchways trained and certified personnel, and also by companies which are Latchways authorized applicators.

Control and maintenance

  • Lifeline systems are verified annually by qualified installers to ensure that system certification is still valid. Key controls such as verifying the energy absorbers, verifying the settings and bolts tightening verification are part of this process.

Instructions for use

  • The user can connect with the lifeline system via an anchor strap with fall arrest and a complete safety harness, in accordance with all standards in force;
  • Check the pre-tension of the cable before using the system;
  • Lifeline systems will only be used by the maximum number of users defined in the project and marked on the system label;
  • More information is available on the system label.

For more information on any aspect of Latchways Mansafe horizontal lifeline systems, including installation, inspection, commissioning, user training and periodic verifications, you can contact the AlpAccess team.