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The first SPRAT certified training on rope access in Romania

Rope access training

Last week, the first rope access training course, certified by SPRAT was held in Romania. The training was organized by Solo company in Brasov, at their training centre. Six trainees participated in the course. Being the first course of this type held in Romania, all participants followed the "direct entry" procedures for level 2 and 3. AlpAccess joined with two participants, Sergiu Pereu and Dragos State, certified level 2 and 3, respectively.

What is SPRAT?

SPRAT LogoSPRAT is an acronym for the Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians. It is a professional organization based in the US, similar to IRATA, a UK-based organization.

SPRAT is a member-led organization that promotes safe use of rope access, through education, standards development, and certification.

Additionally, SPRAT supports companies and technicians who use rope access, providing support in preparing regulations, finding networking opportunities and participation in the industry standards.

One more certification?

Although our technicians are IRATA Certified, and the two systems are similar, we have joined this certification to see and learn the small differences between the two systems. Also, this was an additional reason for us to prepare, train and become better.

Trainees on rope access

SPRAT in Romania

In Romania there are two member firms of this association. AlpAccess, is a member since 2006 (3 years after inception). Certification courses may be attended at the training centre of the Solo company, in Brasov; the training system is organized in three levels, in a similar manner like IRATA system.

  • Level 1 - Beginner technician, who can only work under the supervision of an advanced technician or supervisor.
  • Level 2 - Advanced technician, can perform rescues, he is also supervising beginner technicians and check the rigging performed by them.
  • Level 3 - Supervisor, can perform advanced rescues and can coordinate other team technicians to accomplish work tasks; his attributions include planning the rope access operation and is responsible for preparing / monitoring / modifying the working method and also, is responsible for risk assessment (RAMS).