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Food Grade Tank Coatings OBRIT


Our coating protects, for a long period of time, the food and beverage tanks made of alloy or concrete. The taste and colour of the substance within the tank will not be altered or changed in any way, because it is legally compliant and it does not contain any chemicals used to soften the plastics.

As a result of its resistance to alcohol (concentrations up to approximately 50% vol.) the coating is suitable for covering the tanks regardless the content or the process:

  • Alcohol tanks,
  • Fermentation containers,
  • Storage vats or tanks,
  • Neutralization vessels and
  • Wastewater settlement basins.

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Specialist Coatings Food Grade Tank Coatings: OBRIT


  • Two-component system, epoxy-based resin.
  • Without plasticizers, excellent for food processing industry applications.
  • Legally-compliant.
  • Resistant to alcohol (up to 50% vol. concentration).
  • Taste and color are not altered.
  • Smooth, non-porous and water resistance, easy to be clean.
  • Excellent thermal resistance.
  • Mechanical and chemical resistance.