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Specialist Coatings Ceramic Coatings


Two-component ceramic coatings are highly modified resin systems loaded with ceramic particle that has been designed to provide excellent protection against abrasion and corrosion in a wide variety of aggressive environments.

The products are used as maintenance coatings to protect steel structures in industrial facilities, roofs, water towers, piping, bridges, tank exteriors, oil tanks, marine weathering, offshore and other surfaces exposed to corrosion and abrasion.

  • The ceramic coatings provide corrosion protection due to its resistance to spillage/splash, vapors and immersion in salt and fresh water. It also can be used as a patching material for severe steel pit, cracks in concrete walls and floors caused by corrosion and chemical attack.
  • These coatings can be applied to all types of metal surfaces, concrete, fiberglass or plastic components, in both critical and non-critical areas.

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Ceramic Coatings

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